Movie Review: Hotel Artemis

Go in cold!

Hotel Artemis (2018)

Streaming on Prime Video; 4/5 

Go in COLD! It is rare nowadays to be able to go into a movie totally cold. We get teasers and trailers and fan news and breakdowns and all kinds of inadvertent spoilers for almost everything now. Fortunately I went into Hotel Artemis entirely cold. And I am glad I did. It made the viewing experience exponentially better. So if you can, just block out a couple hours of your schedule and press play. Don't watch a trailer, don't read other reviews, don't even look too close at the poster. Just push play and strap in. It's a ride.

If you haven't just gone and done it already because you need to know something before you commit, I'll tell you that it's a lightly cyberpunk heist-aftermath movie; two thief brothers on the run seek refuge in an underground hospital run by an eccentric old nurse and her grumpy orderly. The hospital is built into an old-Hollywood style hotel (the name's in the title). Mayhem ensues. If you cock your head to the side and squint a little, it's not hard to imagine this movie occupying a Reservoir Dogs-esque corner of the John Wick universe. 

And it's chock full to the brim with casting Easter eggs. Almost every time somebody comes on screen you'll say "wait is that ... ? It IS!" Which is why I can't tell you anything else about the movie. You need to watch it cold. Any further research you do on the movie will spoil something. 

4 out of 5 stars: I liked it, and would watch it again.